Clear Vision 20/20 – Life in Focus

March Series: Portraits of a Savior

This month we continue reading from Genesis in the Old Testament to First Corinthians in the New Testament and scripture in between. Our readings take us from the life of the patriarchs of old to the Christ revealed in the New Testament where we see snapshots of Jesus’ life, “Portraits of a Savior.”

Our sermons will come from the scriptures we read in our Bible Reading Guide. You may download the Bible Reading Guide here, or pick one up from the Welcome Center. In this month’s reading, we will look at the series, “Portraits of a Savior.” For March, the sermons will be:

3/1: Rock of Israel (Doug Carmel): Jesus in the 7 Feasts of Israel

3/8: Introducing Our Savior

3/15: Prophecy – Jesus is the Son of God

3/22: Messiah – The Promise of God

3/29: Jesus – Rejected by His Own People

Join us as we read through the Bible together to gain Clear Vision 20/20 – Life in Focus.