Clear Vision 20/20 – Life in Focus

May Series: Acts of Worship

Our theme for the month of May is, “Acts of Worship.” When we started Clear Vision 20/20, we had no idea of what this year would hold, but there is no mistaking that God knew what we would be facing. He knows that one of our true acts of worship includes being in His Word. We are thankful as pastors of this congregation that God led us to begin reading through the Bible this year. This has been so helpful with the quarantine we have been under. We believe this has helped us to keep our focus during these trying times.

You may download the Bible Reading Guide here. If you are unable to download your copy, we are more than happy to mail you one. In this month’s reading, we will look at the series, “Acts of Worship.” Our sermons for May will be:

5/3: Communion – Why is communion important?

5/10: Baptism – Why should I be baptized?

5/17: Giving – Is money spiritual? 

5/24: Love – How to love and be loved?  

5/31: Worship – What is true worship?  

Join us as we read through the Bible together to gain Clear Vision 20/20 – Life in Focus.