Clear Vision 20/20

Bible Reading Guide

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Sermon Handouts

Monthly SeriesDateSermon Outline
Working Together09-27-2020Using Your Spiritual Gifts
Working Together09-20-2020Unity Through the Use of Spiritual Gifts
Working Together09-13-2020Using Our Gifts of Grace
Working Together09-06-2020Unity - What Can Possibly Unify The Church?
Mountain Top Wisdom - Part 508-30-2020The Pattern of Persistent Prayer
Mountain Top Wisdom - Part 408-23-2020Overwhelming Worry: How Can I Reduce Worry?
Mountain Top Wisdom - Part 308-16-2020Prayer: How Should I Pray?
Mountain Top Wisdom - Part 208-09-2020How Can I Be Righteous?
Mountain Top Wisdom - Part 108-02-2020Blessedness - How Can I be Happy? (No Outline)
The Good News07-26-2020We are saved by Grace
The Good News07-19-2020What is Repentance?
The Good News07-12-2020What is Faith?
The Good News07-05-2020The Gospel - What is the Gospel?
Following Christ06-28-2020Radical Change – How Can I Change?
Following Christ06-21-2020Wisdom- How Do We Get Wisdom?
Following Christ06-14-2020Discipleship - The Call
Following Christ06-07-2020Our Co-mission- What’s the mission of the church?
Acts of Worship05-31-2020Worship - What is true worship?
Acts of Worship05-24-2020Love - How to Love and be Loved
Acts of Worship05-17-2020Giving - Is money spiritual?
Acts of Worship05-10-2020Why Should I be Baptized?
Acts of Worship05-03-2020Communion – Why is Communion Important?
Promises Kept04-26-2020The Ascension- Why did Jesus Leave?
Promises Kept04-19-2020Atonement – Is Our Sin Covered?
Promises Kept04-12-2020The Resurrection- Is Jesus Alive?
Good Friday04-10-2020Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
Promises Kept04-05-2020The Cross- Following in His Steps
Portraits of a Savior03-29-2020Jesus - Rejected by His Own People
Portraits of a Savior03-22-2020Messiah - The Promise of God
Portraits of a Savior03-15-2020Jesus is the Son of God
Portraits of a Savior03-08-2020Introducing Our Savior
Guest: Doug Carmel (Rock of Israel)03-01-2020No Outline: Jesus in the 7 Feasts of Israel
A Life of Submission02-23-2020Leadership - Following Christ's Example
A Life of Submission02-16-2020What It Takes to Be a Great Leader
A Life of Submission02-09-2020Jesus - Obedient to His Father's Will
A Life of Submission02-02-2020Holiness - What is Holiness?
New Beginnings01-26-2020Covenant - What's My Part?
New Beginnings01-19-2020The Fall - What's My Problem?
New Beginnings01-12-2020Our True Identity
New Beginnings01-05-2020Creation - Why Are We Here?